My Turn to Read

I took the kids to church on Sunday while Kim stayed home with Miranda who had a sore throat. I realized it was the first time I had gone anywhere without KIm. I was very proud of myself for finding the church on my own and everything. I went to priesthood and I had my book open to the lesson they were teaching. I had read the lesson and was prepared to try and follow along. At one point I could tell that they were going around the room and taking turns reading. I thought that I would get out of it by just shaking my head. When the instructor looked at me I shook my head, but then I realized he hadn’t asked me to read yet. I looked down at what I thought would be my passage to read. It was one line. I thought, “Well I can fake this.” So it did finally come to my turn. I was pretty sure this time that he was asking me to read. I stumbled through the sentence pronouncing the best I could, trying Spanish pronunciation if the French was beyond me. I finished and they went about their way discussing what I read. I know they had their books to read along so my reading wasn’t neccessary for their understanding. I have to admit I was a little bit proud of myself.

I went to Sunday School and spent the whole time talking to Elder Long in English. That was bad. He has 2 weeks left. Church was inspiring for me because they sang very familiar songs, Love at Home, etc. and the chapel was completely full. I counted and there were 140 seats and there must have been 150 or more people. It was that crowded. This is a very strong ward.

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