Saturday Night

I’m sitting at McDonald’s near church. I have the iPod. I’m waiting for Kim to be done with her Relief Society activity. Kim is in charge. I could have dropped her off and gone home but I thought I would sit at McDonald’s and study French instead. The truth is I have spent the whole time reading about building airplanes. I have so much to do but I have started thinking about coming home. I got notification that I would get a bonus this year. It will be $17500. It is so sad that it is all spent. After taxes we will pay tithing, will pay off Christmas, and then have just enough to buy our tickets for home.

The French is coming but has its ups and downs. The down today was when I went home teaching. I was completely lost. But then things got better. I ordered Fries and McNuggets at McDonalds and actually understood everything including them telling me they would bring the nuggets to my table later. Then we all went to the Dagry’s Farm for a late dinner and Michelle and I walked around the farm while he showed me their 42 new baby sheep I asked questions about where he learned how to raise sheep, how old the sheep should be when they are slaughtered and a host of other things. I was having a real conversation. Rough, but real. And to top it all off I think I finally am getting the difference between Ce Tout and Sais Tu. One means that is all and the other means do you know. They sound the exact same. I don’t have pictures from our Saturday dinner, but it was a great time. Best French lesson in a long time. Now I have French class tomorrow for three hours. Some people call it church. I am now understanding the whole sacrament prayer, but I am missing most of everything else.

I have some pictures from today and a small video of going to the library and the boulangerie. Not that exciting, but a quick snapshot of our day.

Because we don’t have TV and Miranda and McKala are monopolizing the computer to finish school the kids just sat down and played a game of Mr. Tock. One of the games we picked up at Christmas.

Martine has this game and we played it with her so much we thought we needed to get our own copy.

Later we all went to the library. It is a small library and we picked up some English and French books. I will have to write about the French animation later. It is quite different than the US

We can walk to the library

We had to get bread for lunch. I have not tired of the bread.

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