This is my journal. I have worked out that there are 13 things I want track. I like the number 13. I would have preferred 42, but 13 is already an oxymoron when it comes to focus. I had stepped away from using this as I explored other options. I looked at an online LDS Journal. It was OK. I was using the study notebook on LDS.org and was excited about it, but now I am returning to this format.

Rank Category Description Last Updated Status
1 Gospel Scholar I am now using lds.org. I am reading the Book of Mormon, memorizing and pondering scripture mastery scriptures July 16th 2011 Mosiah 26, 74 SM entered 9 SM Memorized 1 Nephi 5
2 Being Fit I was going to just let this go. I am not a young man anymore. However I know that I should not be as unhealthy as I am. My goal is not to climb Half Dome or run a marathon. I want to be fit. Starting with my weight and then my blood pressure. Then I can think beyond those simple measurements. I am trying a new thing, ADF. That is alternate day fasting. Simply I eat every other day. I am not 100% dedicated. I will start measurements when we get back to AZ July 16th 2011 Current Weight 194
3 Being Dad As a family we are trying to learn discipline. It is a hard principle to generalize. Other than that I am supposed to have something with each kid at home (sorry Kendra)Miranda and I are reading Anna Karennina

McKala and I are learning French

Xenia and are learning the violin

Dakota and I are learning the flute

CK and I are doing Scouts.

June 29th 2011 II have been good at working on Scouts with CK, but that is about it
4 Journal Writings This whole blog is my journal. This is sort of a an uncatagorized category, but it should also contain more personal thoughts and feelings June 20th I wrote about our trip to Idaho
5 World Traveler Well we lived in France and visited Germany. We need to get financially stable before we do any more June 29th 2011
6 Skill Building I want to pick up a bunch of skills. I had a list at one point. This could be anything that has to do with handyman work. The only way to learn is to make mistakes. May 26th Fixed more patches, made some mistakes, hung some doors, more mistakes, worked on attic fan
7 100 Books Before I die Wow how long have been working on this? (Rhetorical) I have a list. I enjoy making the list. I enjoy reading. I will throw off the list any book (no matter how “important”) that I find intolerably boring (Odyssey). July 10th, 2011 I am reading Catch – 22
8 Parlez-vous français? I am going to start studying French again. Watching Miranda’s videos really made me miss it. July 10th, 2011 Starting Harry Potter in French
9 Musician
10 myWebApp
11 King Author
12 Educating Kurt
13 Airplane Builder I want to build and fly my own plane. May 25th Packed all my tools and stuff as we prepare to move to France

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