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Tired not knowing what to do

Saturday Dakota, CK and I went to the Phoenix Comiccon. They were so excited. I don’t know what they expected to see there. I think they had a good time. It was interesting seeing some of the people who came dressed up. I got one of my Spiderman comic books signed by Todd McFarlane. I saw Felicia Day and then came home and watched all of season 3 of the Guild. She is so cute. John Schneider was there. He was on Smallville. I guess that is his comic book connection. I didn’t recognize anyone else, really. It was a small affair. I could have paid $40 to have my picture taken with one of the celebrities. That seemed kind of cheesy. I don’t even really value the signature of Todd McFarlane even though I waited a long time to get it. I thought it seemed more like the thing to do since I was there. We were there for a long time. I think we got there are 9AM and left around 3PM. This is a picture of us eating nachos. They were horrible and expensive, but they were the only food available. The picture is from Dakota’s camera, since Kim took the good camera to girl’s camp. What a waste of $40 that was.

There were a lot of booths where people were selling stuff. Dakota brought her own money and bought some anime stuffed animal. CK wanted this silly hat and other things. I said no. I did take a picture of him with the hat. I think I spent $60 total for the day. They seemed to have fun.

We had a pretty good day yesterday. We spent too much time picking up, but I have been lazy and finally had the gumption to get the kids working. They are such good kids. We were supposed to drive up to girls camp to spend the evening with Kim and the girls, but Kim sent me a text message saying that McKala was wanting to go home and I were there she would want to go home with me. I guess McKala is struggling with feeling good about herself. I think she struggles with communication and she realizes it so she feels like she doesn’t fit in. What are we to do. Strange that we would take McKala and Xenia to France to learn a foreign language when they struggle with English. I made CK and Dakota spend time with me before I would let them get on the computer. Dakota never got time on the computer. CK and I spent time doing scouts. I have to remember that it is about spending time together, not about getting something done. We probably spent an hour and a half hanging out. Dakota and I spent time learning to play the flute. She can play “Happy Birthday”. I am really impressed. It really is the first time we have got a tune out of the flute.

So it is Memorial Day. I was up until 4AM working on the dryer fan. I think it is installed and working. I did not do as nice a job as I would like, but with us leaving in a few days it is going to have to be good enough for now. There is a definitely a neater more organized way to do the whole thing, but it works. The mess is up in the attic, but I know it is there. We woke up at 7AM for the boy scout pancake breakfast. I thought it would be nice if the kids got a decent meal for once. It has been cold cereal and scrounge for what we can find. The breakfast was awful. I am glad to donate $15 to the boy scouts, but we could have done better with food. Kelsey, Dakota’s friend from school just picked her up. I think they are going to the movies. Her mother said that she would be back late. It is only noon here. I said it would be fine. A guy was supposed to pick up the planes I have in the backyard. He called at the last minute and said that he wouldn’t be able to get them. Now what am I supposed to do? I sent Shirley Fein (a ward member) an email asking if she ever lent out the trailer in her front yard. I really don’t know what I am going to do.

Goodbye to My First Plane(s)

We are finishing up clearing out the old house. I was talking to Boyd and he suggested that I sell the KR rather than let them sit in the sun for a year. I paid $10 to place an ad on barnstormers. I got an email from a guy in St. George that said he would take them for $200 but he didn’t know when he would be able to pick them up. These are the planes that I first saw two years ago that set me on the path to airplane building. I bought these with some wings for $200. I sold the wings for $350 and now I am selling these for $200. But the true value is that they provided the inspiration for me and I hate to see them go. When I first saw them I couldn’t believe that they were real airplanes.

To Build or Not to Build That is the Question

This is my first entry in airplane building. I have been dealing with this for over a year. The idea of building an airplane that can actually be flown still sounds crazy, but it turns out that it happens all the time. Living near a neighborhood airport and near people who fly airplanes has had an effect on me. The idea of jumping in a plane and flying to CA for the evening is really appealing. The dream changes from time to time, but I really want to do this. I like the idea of building as much as I like the idea of flying. What I would want in a plane can really only be had in a plane that is built. I will have to put everything on hold while we plan on going to France, but I want to keep this dream alive. My current thinking is that I am going to start over when we return. I have a better idea of how to do things. I want to stick with the current airplane; the KRSuper. Eventually I want a Lancair IVP. A small cheap plane and a bigger faster plane. Yeah, a guy can dream.