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The Reckoning

I just finished a book written by my cousin Tanya Parker Mills. It was OK. It was certainly better than the garbage I finally threw away called Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I have a hard time not finishing things, but I was so disgusted by this book I couldn’t even tell Kim what bothered me. Now Tanya’s book enjoyable. It wasn’t as good as “The Hunger Games” still my favorite so far this year, but better than anything I could have produced. I surprised how many times I ran across a sentence and thought an editor would have caught that. I am no one to tell anyone how they could do a better job, but there were some things missing. Mostly I would have asked what was the point of the story. Not that there wasn’t a plot or anything, but what was it that she hoped we would get out of the story. That there is torture in the world. That there are good people who probably torture unwillingly? I don’t think that either of these are what she would say, but I would ask what is the story. There seemed at the same time too little and too much. Too little insight in to who some of these people really were and too much information that didn’t seem to help the central theme. So if she would have written twice as much and then cut half of the stuff that didn’t matter we might have got a tighter novel. I had problems believing the relationship between Theresa and her interrogator. The casual wistfulness of their recollecting there common college experience was believable, but the romance that sprung up out of their relationship didn’t work for me. Maybe if she had made the central theme of her book how someone can be tortured by someone who cares for them and for them to have the possibility of a positive romantic relationship we could have explored that more but I don’t think that was the theme and it stuck out too much for me to just forget. Ok I have read so many mediocre books I have to add that this was above those books. So my criticism is probably overly critical.

I have to pick up a new book. We are at Kim’s Dad’s place and he always has a few books lying around. I want to read Catch-22. I don’t want to spend any money and I haven’t found it at our local library branch. I need to start writing more (not here, but elsewhere). I know the habit and practice will be good for me.